Fruit, elderflowers, peas and blogging on the move

I’ve finally persuaded my much maligned N97 to free up enough “C:” space to install the Nokia WordPress> app, well alright, the ginormous Qt library. It’s far from ideal, but should hugely cut down on the ol’ mobile gprs bills, especially for quick postcards. In fact, it’s crashed and lost this post 3 times so far. Ho hum

Another of the small recipes I picked up from this year’s NEC show is from Alys Fowler. Apparently if you pack some apples in elderflowers for a month, they come out tasting like pineapples. Knowing my luck they’ll turn out tasting of pollen beetle, but I’ll let you know how I get on

Alys Fowler

I picked up a couple of cheap pineapples from the supermarket, which was a good excuse to restock my jam supplies. It’s also nice to spread the bounty around a bit, it can make a fun, if horribly sweet, gift. It’s pictured here with some olive oil and herb foccacia bread I made.

The garden is showing some positive signs too, although more water would be nice. My pineapple guava plants are putting on lots of new growth, albeit from the bottom rather than the top, so it’s more hedging than a goblet shape at the moment. I’m hoping it will eventually flower like the professionally grown ones, here’s one I spotted at the NEC:

Pineapple Guava

I suspect that hoping for Yorkshire guavas is a touch optimistic though

The sweet peas are making steady progress up their supports and the garden peas are starting to swell nicely. Some of the tomato plants are looking very green and healthy, though the uneven watering has encouraged my spinach and cabbages to bolt like the oil seed rape in the field next door. Maybe next year I’ll find some seeds for this fun looking spinach variety:

Mexican tree spinach