Sniper One – Dan Mills

I found Sniper One to be a particularly gripping read, I picked it up one Sunday morning and then proceeded to devour it cover to cover that afternoon in the armchair by the fire (awww). It’s an account of an Sergeant from the British Infantry’s tour of duty in Iraq from 4 years ago and is presented in the first person.

I found the style very similar to Andy McNab’s earlier books, the sentences were kept short and snappy, the action fast and furious. The conversations and comments were very much towards my sense of humour, very deadpan and matter of fact, not at all politically correct and taken from a highly British point of view. All of the soldiers from his unit were strong, mostly likable characters, who had a clearly infectious enthusiasm for their chosen profession. All the usual military terms and codenames were explained as they went along and most of the scenes and bits of equipment wouldn’t have been out of place in any modern military story.

It’s definately not for children, some of the scenes would be horrific if your suspension of disbelief isn’t quite tuned in and the language. It’s refreshing to come across one small corner of the war that isn’t presented in the same “everything’s going to be alright, we’re all winning here” that the home media consistently reports. I clearly don’t know which is correct, but the contrast is pleasing.

The book is easy reading and I’m glad Sgt Dan Mills took the time to write it.