Hey! It’s not just me after all

Tim O’Reilly talks about brevity in today’s increasingly online society.

Darn it, I just knew I wouldn’t be able to resist the urge to have little posts of a single link. I fail.

2 thoughts on “Hey! It’s not just me after all

  1. jo

    You may or may not remember me…, I DID have to think about adding 3 and 7 especially as it wasn’t explicitly stated what you were supposed to do with it once you had 37! and now we come to the point of the comment:
    You claim you have a post of a single link, but I can find no link on this post, therefore it is a post of not even one single link… so it is just you.

  2. Dav Post author

    Meh, stoopid WYSIWIG post editor. turned my lovely href attribute into a not overly useful xhref attribute. fixed..

    Ta, Dav

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