Hello, good evening and welcome

So, this is my blog then. ‘Tis something I’ve been meaning to get around to for a number of months for a few reasons. Partly because I could do with the writing practice, partly because I’m a computer engineer and not having a personal web page is a bit of an omission, but mostly because I like the idea of having somewhere to witter about nothing in particular to nobody at all.

As time goes by I’m going to be doing things like hacking about on the theme to make it personal to me, rather than just being one of the nicer themes I’ve found. Probably the first thing to go, apart from changing the imagery and adding a mugshot of yours truly will be the fixed width-ness. Gaaah!

I suspect it will be more useful to me than my friends and civilisation as a whole, acting as my personal portal to the web and generally holding bits and pieces in a nice central location.

Be kind šŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Hello, good evening and welcome

  1. test

    This be a test comment. They do say that talking to thine self be the first sign of madness but I do disagree, it be the second. The first be the very blog I be replying to. so ner.

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