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By day, Dav is a senior full stack computer systems engineer at a computer games studio based in Cambridge who’s too curious for his own good. When not glued to a computer, he likes to go walking in the moors, hills and mountains and photographs landscapes. He’s been known to get over excited about the world of whisky, occasionally plays the piano and grows fruit and vegetables to cook up in the kitchen. Sometimes there’ll be enough hours in the day to write about some of the more interesting things. This is his website.

If you know me in real life, then look me up on Facebook or drop me an email at emailaddress

2 thoughts on “About Dav

  1. Donya E Nee

    Howdy Dave…..Stumbled upon your web site when hunting a good recipe for bottling plums…..Love yours…Many thanks.

    Have spent a morning frolicking around banks peninsular here in Canterbury New Zealand plum gathering.



  2. Jason

    Hi Dav,

    I found the article to Raspberry Pi Infrared Range Sensing very interesting and I was thinking about doing something similar myself I was wondering if you had it handy the plans to how everything was wired up to the breadboard etc? If you don’t it is fine I was just curious and it would be helpful if you had it as I am still learning



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